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I am a photographer + graphic designer.

I have no special talent.

I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein




Where this is all coming from.

so then I picked up a camera...

I didn't always want to be a designer. In fact, I was more of the nerdy-type that enjoyed the challenges of calculus and genetics. I certainly had a creative side to me but it wasn't until my first love, skiing, landed me a job that would change my life. Forever.


My days were filled with writing, photography, and all aspects of marketing. And skiing. I was "reinventing the wheel" on a daily basis with snow reports and Facebook updates. And I found I wasn't half bad at it. I kissed the world of biotechnology goodbye and fell deeply into the creative cloud of design.


My self taught (thank you YouTube) Creative Suite skills were later refined by continuing my education at Full Sail University. I've worked with local small businesses and major corporations on a range of projects from logos to web redesigns, magazine publishing to photo research. I absolutely love it and don't plan on stopping.


And that was it... Ever since I purchased my first non-kit lens, I've been addicted and eager to learn anything and everything there is to know about photography. From ski shoots to family portraits to weddings, and all that is in between, there is nothing more satisfying than capturing beautiful moments of people and nature.


I like to think my photographic style is bright, clean, and with a rustic touch. But like most photographers, I'm forever learning the trade and constantly perfecting my work. My photos are my heart and joy and I take great pride in my work.

Any activity becomes creative when the doer

cares about doing it right or better.

John Updike


MY Mission

Goals for every design

My mission is to provide quality designs that are more than just pretty pictures, rather a powerful tool for my clients.


My mission is to approach each and every project as it's own entity. No business, non-profiit, or idividual is the same, so why should I provide them with generic designs?


My mission is to remain forever curious, push the envelope, explore new techniques, and continue on a life long path of learning.


My mission is to put an end to bad design.







Stand behind my work.

Graphic Design


Print Design

Interactive catalog? Sure! Business cards? No problem! Product mock-ups? You bet! When it comes to your business, you need a designer than can provide more than just a pretty design.  You need a quality designer with a marketing eye.

From finding locations and commercial shots to photojournalistic story telling and creative imagery, I've got you covered. For more information, visit shelleyb-photography.com.

Print design is fun! Well, for me at least. The accumulation of skills and creative forces that goes into a magazine is captivating. Stories are told in business's brochures and they often serve on the front line of sales. Print may be a dying breed, but it certainly won't ever be extinct.


social media

Web Design

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refresh your business's identity, your first step in the marketing world is to establish your brand. The second step: sticking to your brand. And identity kits are a great solution.

Social media for your business is not social networking. They are actually very, very different. Posting pictures of your cats may get you a lot of likes but it won't help your business.

I hate writing code. There. I said it. So how do I design websites? Adobe Muse! If I needed to get down and dirty with HTML, I can carry my own. But Adobe Muse gives me the power to worry more about the design and less about what's under the hood and I find I develop better user experiences because of that.

The urge for good design is the same as

the urge to go on living.

Harry Bertoia


Good design doesn't date.

Harry Seidler


449 north rd, bethel, maine 04217


Call me: 603-630-0777


Email: hi@shelleybcreative.com


Skype: shelleyannbowen


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